Hang On Tight! – A Sunbeam put through her paces

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Hang On Tight!

Testing a Sunbeam 14/40 in N.S.W.

A Sunbeam family car is put through her paces.

This fine action shot shows Antony Davies testing the performance of his “family” Sunbeam 14/40 following a recent extensive restoration. Note the passengers holding on tight as the car speeds round a bend.  And dogs just love Sunbeams!


A Sunbeam 14/40 is put through her paces in N.S.W.

Antony lives on a farm near Jembaicumbene, in the south of New South Wales, Australia and these pictures show a fun event at the farm following completion of the recent restoration earlier this year (2018).


Sunbeam 14/40 being tried out in NSW.The event was to mark the visit to Jembaicumbene of the Austin Seven Club who were challenged to a motorkhana against the Sunbeam which, as can be seen, performed in fine style.


Drivers view of the Sunbeam 14~40 dashboard

The driver’s view of the Sunbeam dashboard.


Engine of the 1926 Sunbeam 14~40hp

1926 Sunbeam 14~40hp – near side view of the engine.