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The following Sunbeam, Talbot and Darracq cars are currently for sale by members of the STD Register.

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1926  Sunbeam 3 Litre Super Sports Tourer  YN 7831

1934 Talbot 75  YG 7332

1933 Sunbeam Twenty Five limousine  HS 7263

1927 Sunbeam 20.9 Tourer

1928 Sunbeam 20.9hp Saloon – UC 635


1926  Sunbeam 3.0-Litre Super Sports Tourer, YN 7831


YN 7831 was campaigned and won the Essex Six-Hour race held at Brooklands in 1927, driven by George Duller.

One of two ‘Works’ entries to this race.  It was considered lost for some years, but discovered on an airfield near Bristol after the War.  The original chassis was rebuilt in the 1960’s using original Sunbeam 3.0-Litre parts.

A more than credible alternative to the Bentley 3.0-Litre, the Sunbeam is likely lesser-known, but infinitely rarer, superbly constructed, marginally quicker (!) and still a world-beater…

The engine was completely rebuilt and fitted with new block circa 1995.   This special Sunbeam is now offered from long-term ownership where it has been regularly and enthusiastically driven and cherished.

It is accompanied by two great tomes of history file with period photographs, original buff log book, and records of considerable work undertaken during the last fifty years….

More photographs on request.   £194 990   Contact:


Talbot 75 Carlton bodied drop head coupe


YG7332, CHASSIS NO 36539, ENGINE NUMBER BA1268  Registered in May 1934 as a 65 the car received a 75 power train transplant, including a traffic clutch, in the late 90s under the auspices of Ian Polson and David Thompson took over the restoration and used the car extensively. David sold the car in 1999 with just over 40000 miles on the clock after which it changed hands a couple of times and I acquired the car in October 2014 with just under 50000 miles on the odometer. The car has since covered about 8000 miles and has been on two tours to France, as well as other club tours in the UK and presented at the Concours of Elegance at Windsor Castle in September 2016. Recently returned from the successful club tour of Ireland.

Under my ownership the engine has been totally rebuilt by Ian Polson as well as the rear axle, ratio 4.3:1. The pre-selector-gearbox has had a total refurbishment by Tom Dark Engineering. Modifications include, downdraught Zenith carburettor, modern spinner oil filter, the club voltage limiter, electronic rev-counter and radiator expansion bottle. The engine has been tuned by Stanton Motorsports to get the correct adjustment of the fuel jets. Annual servicing has been done by professionals.

Time now to think of a new adventure so if you are looking for a comfortable versatile car which is good for gentle and reliable cruising, (this is not a car for the Flying Scotsman) please make contact and come and haggle. The car is liveried in Connaught Green with a very good hood and the interior is well patinated. Big history file.

Contact: Reno Gatto, 07778 749223,


Sunbeam Twenty Five limousine  HS 7263

1933 Sunbeam Twenty Five limousine

The only recorded Sunbeam works-built 4 light “Governess” limousine body was delivered to the Clyde Auto. Co. Ltd on 2/10/33. Registered 1/10/33 in Renfrew to Campbell Bros and Irvine of Glengate, Kirriemuir, subsequently Campbell’s Garage, she continued in use by them as a taxi and hire car until April 1969. She was displayed by Clyde Auto at the Glasgow Motor Show in November 1933.

The body is a 4 light “Governess” limousine, intended to provide more privacy than a 6 light configuration. While similar to the Duke of Gloucester’s touring limousine, it has no luggage accommodation and is the only body in that style built by the Sunbeam Works.

1933 Sunbeam Twenty Five limousine

She is a “first series” Twenty-Five with the right hand gear change. Such an expensive and exclusive carriage was clearly bought in the hope of performing private hire duties for nearby Glamis Castle, seat of the Earl of Strathmore. Glamis Castle was the childhood home of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon who in 1923 married the Duke of York, later to become George VI, and who was universally loved throughout the country as Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother of Elizabeth II, born 21st April 1926. Glamis Castle archives regrettably cannot confirm that both Elizabeths rode in HS7263 on trips between the railway station at Glamis and the castle for summer holidays and at Christmas.

1933 Sunbeam Twenty Five limousine

Between 1969 and 2011 she was owned by two local enthusiasts in Forfar. In 2011 she was re-commissioned by the second of these and in August 2011 she was sold privately to a dealer who auctioned her at Brightwells sale in November 2011 with a recorded mileage of 51,353. She was bought by another dealer who sold her to Richard “Hamster” Hammond, presenter of “Top Gear”. Richard, who never bothered to register her in his name, found her surplus to requirements in September 2013 and had her sold on eBay. Mileage covered from 11/11 to 09/13 was approximately 450.

1933 Sunbeam Twenty Five limousine

A much needed full mechanical overhaul by JC Engineering in Sutton St James was completed in August 2015. Subsequent work has comprised a necessary replacement of the fabric roof covering and a re-paint in “Ruby Red” below the waistline to render the appearance less funereal. Invoices for this work total over £25,000. Mileage since the overhaul is around 3,300 with good oil pressure and no overheating. She has made two appearances at the SVVC Glamis Transport Eztravaganza, had 3 days filming “Mr. Jones” in Edinburgh with James Norton in 2018, and has just completed a 1,100 mile round trip from Scotland to a rally in southern Ireland.

Mileage as recorded is 55,100. It is thought that 100,000 should be added to that for the true figure.

Wheelbase: 11’4″     Engine: Pushrod ohv, six cyls, 3,317cc, 7 main bearings.

Carburettor: Zenith 48VI.         Brakes: 4 wheel hydraulic.    Price £ 20,000


Sunbeam 20.9 1927

Sunbeam 20hp for sale

Sunbeam 20.9 1927  6 cylinder, 3 litre, 4 speed and 12 Volt with sports torpedo body.
Totally restored in Ireland 2005 to 2008 regardless of cost. Everything was done keeping original engine, driveline and chassis. New head to the engine. Highest 4:1 rear axle ratio. Magneto just rebuilt. Equipped for touring with luggage rack, tool box, reserve fuel can and full weather equipment incl. tonneau cover. Reliable and needs nothing. It never boils. Minimal oil consumption.  £55 000.
Gunnar Hogenhaug phone 0033 602513769


1928 Sunbeam 20.9hp Saloon

A low-mileage car still with its original exterior fabric and interior trim. Brake servo fitted in recent years and rewired. Starts perfectly and drives well on the road. Axles, hubs, wheels etc., are all very sound and it appears that all major components are of the original build in 1928. £38 000.

Paul Gallifant. 01206 394202

1928 Sunbeam 20.9hp front
1928 Sunbeam 20.9hp front
1928 Sunbeam 20.9hp rear
1928 Sunbeam 20.9hp rear
1928 Sunbeam 20.9hp dashboard
1928 Sunbeam 20.9hp dashboard