Video Clips

Experience the freedom and joy of vintage motoring!  Here is a short clip which will give you a flavour; filmed from a 1922 Sunbeam 24/60 spinning along the Great Ocean Road south west of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.  Although capable of higher speed, the car is held back to the legal limit of 62mph.  The video has been set to appropriate music from Geoffrey Burgon’s score to the classic period TV series “Brideshead Revisited”.


Now some very rare racing Sunbeams with commentary filmed at the Coys Centenary Exhibition in 1999.  Louis Coatalen became Sunbeam’s Chief Engineer in 1909. He was a motor racing devotee who initially raced his own cars and later, after he became a company director, just designed a whole series of record breaking cars.


The next clip was taken at the Talbot Centenary with a few Sunbeams getting in on the act. The film demonstrates the very wide range of models and body types which are embraced by the Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register – in fact there is something to cater for almost every type of interest.


Come for a drive on a 1910 12hp Invincible Talbot!  The first two minutes show the car as found and how it was restored; then: come for a drive on it through the countryside around Bundaberg on the Burnett River north of Brisbane, Queensland.


And now for something completely different –  Pure Exhilaration!

A Talbot 105, an early 1930s 4-seater sports car designed by Georges Roesch, is put through her paces round the Nürburgring in Germany and, as you can see, carries all before her.


Here is an excellent short video produced by Paul Tarsey of Historic Racing News about the life of Grand Prix winner and world land speed record holder Sir Henry Segrave which also appears on the page dedicated to him elsewhere on this site.


More to come so please visit again soon!