Spare Parts


As with any make of car which has been out of production for over 80 years, supplies of spare parts can be difficult to procure!

However the Register does maintain a stock of both original used parts and remanufactured new parts.

New parts tend to be those which experience has shown are more commonly called for.

In cases where a part is sought, which is not currently available, the Spares secretaries of both Sunbeam and Talbot frequently contact the general membership to establish if there would be sufficient demand to make it economical to have a batch manufactured.  In addition the relevant spares secretary often knows commercial sources for parts not carried in stock by the Register itself.

Full details of all spares parts and relevant contact information is available on the Members’ forum which may be joined at no extra cost by all fully paid up members of the STD Register.

If you are not a member and wish to join please go to the Membership page.