Owners of the following cars may become members:
  • Those constructed by the Sunbeam Motor Car Company Ltd in Wolverhampton up to 1935 when the company was acquired by Rootes Securities Ltd.
  • Cars made by Clement Talbot Ltd in London up to the time of the acquisition by Rootes in 1935 but including those designed by Georges Roesch and constructed thereafter.
  • Cars made in France by Societe A Darracq (sold as Darracqs in England).
  • Talbots designed by Anthony Lago and made in France after the demise of STD Motors Ltd.


The current subscription is £45 pa.

Paid up members receive a monthly illustrated newsletter, a journal published 3 – 4 times a year and access to the Members’ Forum which contains a vast amount of technical and archive information and is a valuable focal point for the exchange of views.

The Members’ Forum is available to paid up members only.

Members also have access to the Register parts stock.

The Register organises a full range of events on a national and regional basis and most years there is an organised tour to Europe.

If you wish to join us please Apply Here.