Experience the freedom and joy of vintage motoring!  Here is a short clip which will give you a flavour; filmed from a 1922 Sunbeam 24/60 spinning along the Great Ocean Road south west of Melbourne.  Although capable of higher speed, the car is held back to the legal limit of 100kmh / 62mph.  The video has been set to appropriate music from Geoffrey Burgon’s score to the classic period TV series “Brideshead Revisted”.


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Come for a drive on a 1910 12hp Invincible Talbot!  The first two minutes show the car as found and how it was restored; then: come for a drive on it through the countryside around Bundaberg on the Burnett River north of Brisbane.



1909 2 cyl Darracq owned by John Handley of Bundaberg, Queensland.
Photo by Peter Hamilton who also restored the radiator.